BF (Beta) Short Comic Masterlist


Coming Soon = Comics Raws in Possession
Not Released = Comic has not been released in the game yet
Have not obtained = Available in the game but have not obtained raws

2nd Anniversary Comics
Sagisaka Shu
Myojin Kengo
Kisaragi Toma

Amane Keito
Osaka Hiromu (Coming Soon on Ran's Tumblr)
Kagami Saku
Kujo Kishin (Coming Soon on Mizu's Blog)
Kurogiri Tokimune (Coming Soon on Mizu's Blog)
Saionji Ren (Coming Soon on Mizu's Blog)
Shinkai Rinto
Serizawa Yuri (Coming Soon on Mizu's Blog)
Takamura Eiji (Coming Soon on Ran's Tumblr)
Tsutsumi Seishiro (Coming Soon)
Narumi Masato (Coming Soon)
Hyuga Minato (Mizu's Blog)
Mayama Kyoichiro (Ran's Tumblr)
Moribe Kuniharu (Coming Soon on Ran's Tumblr)
Wakasa Ikuto (Ran's Tumblr)

Amamiya Kuon (Mizu's Blog)
Ichinose Gaku (Ran's Tumblr)
Okuyui Nozomi
Kitagawa Shouta
Kuwakado Aoi
Sagisaka Shu
Sakurazawa Ruka (Mizu's Blog)
Sumeragi Alan (Coming Soon on Mizu's Blog)
Sena Ryunosuke
Takatsukasa Masaomi (Timeless Scans Facebook)
Fuwa Keishi (Mizu's Blog)
Hosho Mizuki (Coming Soon)
Hodaka Natsuki
Myojin Kengo (Coming Soon: Ran's Tumblr)
Watase Chisato (Coming Soon)

Asuma Momota (Mizu's Blog)
Izumi Chikanojo
Kisaragi Toma (Coming Soon on Ran's Tumblr)
Kitashiro Takeru (Mizu's Blog)
Shinonome Tatsumi (Coming Soon)
Shirakawa Motoi (Coming Soon: Ran's Tumblr)
Tsukuyomi Rikyo (Mizu's Blog)
Toma Keiji (Coming Soon: Ran's Tumblr)
Negoto Arashi
Hirose Kai
Mibu Taiga (Mizu's Blog)
Miyanokoshi Ryota (Coming Soon)
Mukai Kazuki (Ran's Tumblr)
Momokoshi Haru (Coming Soon)
Yoshiya Naokage


  1. wonderful short stories list ♥ thank you for shared ♥

    1. oh my
      I can't believe i didn't see this either
      so sorry!!!
      you're welcome
      since this is a joint project between me and my friends, it's easier to put everything together to check who has done what so we don't clash with one another

  2. Is Shinonome Tatsumi’s story coming out soon he’s one of my favorite character

  3. oh my
    I'm sorry I only saw this now
    so sorry!!!
    I'll put Tatsumi's the next to be translated if you don't mind
    Look forward to it!!!

  4. Thanks ♥️♥️
    I have been Searching for along time
    Love u♥️♥️