4 Feb 2017

Plans again

A post in a very long while~

Plans for the next few weeks end up being dumped since I don't have a lot of time as I have to manage 2 facebook pages: Yume100 and AkaSeka. Lots of translations to do. Now I won't set timings for any translations posts but I will try to post ASAP.

Actual plans!!
1. BF card story translations
    (need other people to proofread but they don't have time too)
2. BF Mode story translation
    (will post after learning a few blog tricks)
3. NoraNeko Story Translations
    (if the game is still around that is)
4. Beast Darling Story Translations
    (I want to but BF stuff comes first so it'll take forever to even start but we'll see)

That's a lot to translate......
Hopefully nothing bad happens when I try to do the translations....

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