16 Jun 2017

BEAST Darling! Prologue Summary

I've always wanted to post a summary for this game but when I felt like doing it, I was already so far ahead into the game. The reason why I even manage to type this out is because I lost my previous account and I had to start over. I even played for almost a year on that account 😭. 26th May was their first anniversary and I started replaying again like on 25th May so I decided that I should type a summary as a play. There may be a few mistakes here and there since there were some important "kanji" that I can't read and I might read some "kanji" wrong. Hope You'll Enjoy!!! PS: 1 Paragraph is 1 Part

MC’s default name: Kazuna (didn't get the surname. sorry) Fully voiced for the 5 bachelors. Supporting characters are not voiced.

For characters, check here

You just transferred into a new school and Kaname-sensei is showing you around the dorm. Then suddenly you heard a growl. And a red haired boy shows up with cat-like years. He growls and pounce on you. Kaname-sensei just stands by the sidelines and watch. You were scared and was internally screaming for help thinking that you’ll be eaten. Then the boy’s ears suddenly disappeared and he came back to his senses.

Shocked, you just stared at him then you realised that he was on top you and you screamed at the top of your lungs and reflexively pushes him away at full force. The boy then said, “That hurts! You didn’t have to push me that hard!”. Then guilty for what you did, you apologized. Then a long haired boy named Kyosuke came in and said that Shishio, the red haired boy was at wrong. Kyosuke then apologize on behalf of Shishio for jumping on a you, and implies that Shishio is just a rough and idiotic guy. Shishio then retorted and said “What do you mean ’just as you see’!!”. Then a very tall boy with fluffy blonde hair named Chitose comes in and comments on how lively the situation is while another pink haired boy named Yuuto complains about how noisy it is. Then a black haired boy named Shirou comes in and comments “Kujou, you again”. You were at a loss of words as those 3 suddenly enter the fray.

Chitose then notices you and asked, “......Is she a new dorm mate…...?”. Kaname-sensei then confirms Chitose’s question and introduces you to the 5 boys. Yuuto complained on why there’s more people staying in the dorm and thinks that it’s troublesome. Kyosuke then said that Yuuto is always shutting himself away in his room so there’s no reason that Yuuto should be bothered by it. Yuuto then tells off Kyosuke for bringing that up. Then Shirou started sniffing at you and says that you have a mysterious smell. “A human…? And a little sweet to boot...” Shirou mumbled. Feeling uneasy, you told Shirou to stop. “Hey! That wolf bastard over there! You’re getting too close to Little Mousey (Konezumi-chan)!” Kyosuke shouted when he noticed what Shirou was doing and you were more surprise by the fact that Kyosuke called you “Little Mousey”. Kyosuke then comments that no matter how much Shirou’s is interested in girls, he shouldn't be sticking his nose so close to the neck. Clearing Kyosuke’s accusations, Shirou said that he just wanted to confirm it himself unlike Kyosuke who’s always playing around. Yuuto, backing up Kyosuke, says that it’s not allowed regardless. Chitose then agrees with Shirou’s statement on how you has a mysterious smell. Kyosuke, felt defeated by Chitose’s comment then he notices your scar… 

You then tries to explain that you had it since you were a child and it wasn’t due to the fact the red haired boy pounced on you. Then you glanced at Shishio who was looking away with a guilty face. Kyosuke apologizes again for what Shishio did and explains that he’s almost impossible to stop when he goes out of control but then he suddenly behaves and went part to normal and expressed his confusion. Shishio then explains that after he smells you, he suddenly feels calm. Chitose then agrees with Shishio then he asks if the scar had any special powers. Then you finally gathered your thoughts and remembered about how Shishio pounced on you and demands an explanation on the situation and the cat ears. Then Shirou asked if you doesn’t have a curse and Shishio just realised that you're just a normal human. You became more puzzled at what they said.  

Then you had a flashback to the day you were on your way to school  then spot a white cat with heterochromia eyes and called the cat by the name, Futaba. The cat had two tails and you were apparently very sickly in the past and has no friends. You hoped that you’ll make some friends as you transferred into your new school but felt worried at the same time. 

You were then called out by someone and they talked for a bit. Then you suddenly had a great idea and thank god for it.Then, you bumped Kaname-sensei after that in the school.   

You explained that you were the person who called a moment ago to Kaname-sensei and he welcomed you to school, Gao Gakuen. And Kaname-sensei introduced himself as Ichimonji Kaname and he’s a teacher there and he’s teaching biology. And then he offers to give you a tour around the dorm. Then flashback ends and you're bacck in the common area. Never would you have thought that something like that will have such an outcome. Then back to the part where Shishio suspects that you're a normal human. Futaba then confirms that fact with Shishio. Futaba then explains that you don't have a curse, unlike the bastards (Futaba’s calling every male there a bastard. U go Futaba!). And Futaba complains about how you're in a den of beasts and worries for you. You then realised that Futaba is TALKING. Futaba then asks you not to be surprise and explains to you that he has been able to understand and speak the human language for a long time now but he didn’t.  

You, still shocked was stuttering. Futaba then explains that he just couldn’t do it before and it was hard to speak and explains he felt more at ease if he talks at the dorm. Then Futaba greets Kaname-sensei as if he was an old friend. Kaname-sensei too greeted Futaba back. Kaname-sensei then explains that the dorm is specially allocated for students with a curse. A curse called, the “Beast Curse”. To put it simply, it’s a curse that turns a person into an animal. Then Futaba explains that it was just like how Shishio was just now. Shishio then got angry because Futaba treated him like he an animal. Then he complains to Kaname-sensei, calling Kaname ossan, about the cat being all prickly and rude. Then Kaname said the Futaba is his very old friend and is probably 100 years old and he’s probably the most knowledgeable on the curse among the other in the room. Shishio, still complaining because he was satisfied with the answer. Then Kyosuke, being the calmest there, puts a halt to Shishio’s complaints and says that they can’t talk with Shishio being in denial. He then explains that most of those that gathered in the dorm now are full of carnivores.

Kaname-sensei explains that this time the curse is at it’s most unstable period where the balance in their hearts are distorted. Due to their curse, they were all enrolled in Gao Gakuen to keep it hidden and the Beast curse runs in the family. Kaname-sensei’s family is also one of them which is why he’s staying in the school as a teacher. Then Kaname-sensei says that this is a secret and it’ll be bad if other people knows humans being able to turn into an animal. And since you knew about this secret, he told you that you needs to stay in the dorm now. Kaname-sensei also explains that you hold some kind of power to keep them under control which is helpful. Then Kaname-sensei made the decision on his own and had you stayed at the dorm.

And since it’s been decided, he asks everyone to talk care of you. Shishio denies the fact that you will be living in the dorm then Kaname blackmails him by saying things like, what if you let this information leak out, etc. Shirou then agrees with Kaname-sensei. Kaname-sensei also says that everyone’s troubled by their curse as well and they can’t control it properly so you're here to help. Then Yuuto puts the blame on that certain someone that went out of control. Shishio couldn’t fight back. Kaname-sensei then asks everyone to help you in exchange and explains that you have poor physique and went through a lot. Kyosuke then says how Kaname-chan (Kyosuke calls him by “-chan”) was being suspicious bringing in a normal human into the dorm. Shirou comments how he doesn't like troublesome things like this and says that the one who’s the most troubled here is Shishio. Shishio complains how he should even lend a hand to a woman he just met. Then he shifts the problem on Yuuto. Yuuto then calls Shishio an idiot and says that he’s not the least worried about his curse so he doesn’t want to do it cause it’s troublesome and he’ll never do it. Kyosuke then says that he’ll volunteer because he’ll be able to help out a cute Little Mousey and maybe in bed too. Chitose says he doesn't mind anyone at all but says Kyo-chan (He calls Kyosuke, Kyo-chan) is sayings things that means differently on the dangerous side. As they were bickering back and forth about it, you made your choice. You choose….

I didn’t read the prologue properly before but… KANAME YOU SLY BAAAAAAAAAAAAASTAAAAAAAAAAAARD!!!!!!!!!!!! And I always thought Futaba is a female cat but I WAS WRONG!!!! FUTABA IS A MALE!!! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA
THIS GAME IS AWESOME! IT'S HILARIOUS AND CUTE!!! The message system is cute but the 3 tickets per day is hell!!!!! I enjoy calling Shishio an idiot and calling Yuuto cute wwwwwwww Kyosuke is such a flirt that I always asks him to drop dead 😅

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