2 Jun 2017

[Shuukyoku no DOLLS ~Die Letzte Seele~] Website Translation

「終極のDolls ~Die Letzte Seele~」
『Shuukyoku no DOLLS ~Die Letzte Seele~
(The Ultimate DOLLS ~The Last Soul~)

Platform: Otome Drama CD
Illustrator: 結賀さとる [Other works: Psychedelica of the Black Butterfly (Otomate Game), Psychedelica of the Ash Falcon (Otomate Game), Laz Meridian (Manga)]

Following a misfortunate fate, you are endorsed with the love from the DOLLS.

The beautiful dolls interweave in another country’s in this show troupe [Coppélia] with their proud magical puppet which is tremendously popular. But when the women went to the show a few days later, they disappeared and this eerie news spreads all over the town.
By all means, you friend invited you to watch the puppet show.
And by chance, you received a present from the troupe leader, Bellemere, and it turns out they were life-like porcelain dolls (Star Dolls).
That night, when you were trying to sleep, you can hear numerous scratch sounds. You can hear a voice out of nowhere chanting a curse.
“Master, wake up~” the mysterious dolls said.

This is the beginning of a love story of the wonderful dolls.

Based off the comic ballet, Coppélia. Coppélia means girl or young lady in Greek. The story of Coppélia is about a doctor named Dr. Coppélius, who made a life-sized mechanical dancing doll which he wants to bring to life. Shuukyoku no DOLLS uses the name Coppélia for the troupe of dolls. The dolls were supposably be the size of a normal doll but they suddenly grew in size and have a will of their own!?
While Coppelion is a manga that is based off this concept as well but with a scientific twist.

Read the summary here

The First Mystery:
A French Autómata with a 100 years-worth of beauty

Noah of Sapphire (CV: Kaji Yuki)
Release Date: 26th July 2017

“Hey, you’re not satisfied with just that, right?”

Age: 20
Height: 170 cm
Favourite Food: Mozzarella Cheese
Likes: Cameras
Dislikes: Being surrounded by humans, fan letters, presents

One of Coppélia’s porcelain dolls.
A new French mechanical doll, an Autómata. “I want a son, that is more beautiful than another others’ in the world”, wished the King’s daughter and the appearance of the doll was made close to her imagination where the manufacture of the doll took almost 100 years to complete.
When the original owner collapsed, he was traded around for a very high prince until he reached Coppélia. He can’t stand normal affection as this may be due to the fact that he was given a narrow minded-like affection. He has a habit of looking down on humans and at times, he think of them as just tools. It seems he also sees you simply as the next toy but…

The Second Mystery:
The Melancholic British Lion King

Richard of Ruby (CV: Kondou Takashi)
Release Date: 23rd August 2017

“Isn’t it futile? Doing things such as loving humans”

Age: 18
Height: 173 cm
Favourite Food: Jams
Likes: Bubble baths
Dislikes: Humans (He was treated roughly in the past)

One of Coppélia’s porcelain dolls.
An extremely beautiful doll that is ranked as a national treasure that is owned by a British aristocrat. He has a lion-like sublime atmosphere. He was produced with the motif of the [Lion King] in mind. During the war, he was stolen by a smuggler and was sold to Coppélia. His compassionate and somewhat melancholic eyes are his main characteristics. He has a wound on one eye. A part of him has already given up on humans. When he encountered the heroine, he tries to regain his pride as a doll but…

The Third Mystery:
The German-made Devilish Younger Brother Doll

Dietrich of Jade
(CV: Namikawa Daisuke)
Release Date: 27th September 2017

“There’s no doll as pretty as me you know?”

Age: 17
Height: 167 cm
Favourite Food: Raw Meat, Milk Pudding
Likes: Disassembling dolls
Dislikes: Antiques, flawless things

One of Coppélia’s porcelain dolls.
One of the siblings pair of dolls made in Germany during the golden age. He has the same model as Rolf but he was made with a different model number. In order to be better than Rolf, he tries to be more affectionate. Because of that he tends to use abusive languages and he is more selfish than Rolf. He has sadistic thoughts when it comes to humans. He believes that there is no doll that is more beautiful than himself.

The Fourth Mystery:
The German-made Devilish Elder Brother Doll

Rolf of Amber (CV: Nojima Kenji)
Release Date: 25th October 2017

“Please do not touch me with those dirty hands of yours”

Age: 23
Height: 178 cm
Favourite Food: Mille-Feuille, Pomegranate
Likes: Rich people, Silk
Dislikes: Small houses, peasants, auctions, falling

One of Coppélia’s porcelain dolls.
One of the siblings pair of dolls made in Germany during the golden age. Up until now, he has been through the hands of many notorious aristocrats but they were all caught up with disasters, one after another. Due to that, with difficult to explain circumstances, he was called the devil’s doll. It was no exception during the war, where he was sold in the black market at an utterly ridiculous high price and then, he too ended up in Coppélia. He is very proud and tends to treat others with superficial politeness with a rude intent. He feels unpleasant as he is often decorated together with his brother, Dietrich who was made with the same model.

The Fifth Mystery:
A French Idol Doll that had imprisoned many women with it’s Charm

Darius of Diamond
(CV: Kimura Ryouhei)
Release Date: 22nd November 2017

“Please don’t come near me, because you’ll surely be led astray”

Age: 17
Height: 174 cm
Favourite Food: Espresso
Likes: Sleep
Dislikes: People

One of Coppélia’s porcelain dolls.
In France, it is said that he has captivated all the women in country. Especially with his eyes which is made of diamonds that shines as if you can see 7 colours. A certain multi-millionaire lady loved him so much, she took out his original eyes and replaced them with diamonds. A robbery happened and he was missing but he was in fact being sheltered under troupe leader, Bellemere’s protection. He was a boy with a feminine-like beauty and he boasts about his beauty. Not only was he excessively loved, he also received horrible treatment and was abused excessively which caused his distorted personality.

The Sixth Mystery:
An Ancestral New Doll from the Continent

Fay of Amethyst (CV: Toriumi Kousuke)
Release Date: 27th December 2017

“Tears are beautiful but the skin looks much more beautiful”

Age: 21
Height: 188 cm
Favourite Food: Bird’s Nest
Likes: Hair, Water
Dislikes: Dew

One of Coppélia’s porcelain dolls.
The “Living Doll” with an odd aura that could charm people. According to a rumour, for the sake of a young girl from a large Chinese clan, he was made from of bodies of beautiful men that they had gathered throughout the country. It was said that after several hundred years had passed, his alluring charm never declined. He is Coppélia’s troupe leader, Bellemere’s most beloved doll. He’s enigmatic, selfish, moody but calm and collected. There are a lot of times when his speech and conduct are aberrant.


Dolls? Dolls are my worst fear... I hope this drama CD will rid my fear of dolls and not add more fear than what I already have... As usual, this is another repost of my translation from Otome Amino with a new design and more colours.

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