9 Jun 2017

Beast Darling Characters

I actually plan to post the prologue summary first but then, I decided that it's better to post about the characters first. The characters are below. The summary will be posted next week.

Introducing the Characters

[Arrogant | A failure | Scion]
🦁九条獅子央 Kujou Shishio (CV: Kaji Yuki)

Birthday: 7th August
Year: High School 3rd Year
Blood Type: A
Height: 174cm
Hobby • Special Skill: Exercise (except swimming)
Beast: Lion

The son and successor of a large corporate, the Kujou Group. He doesn’t give a care for trifle things. He tends to make a lot of enemies due to his arrogant and violent attitude but he is surprisingly passionate and tends to cry easily!?

[A Natural airhead | Easygoing | Pure]
🐻谷千歳 Kumagai Chitose (CV: Shirai Yuusuke)

Birthday: 30th April
Year: High School 3rd Year
Blood Type: 0
Height: 183 cm
Hobby • Special Skill: Bonsai and gardening
Beast: Kuma

He’s very “my pace” and is always smiling. Probably due to effect of the curse, he’s tends to space out a lot. Sometimes he talks about chewing something…?

[Flirt | Liar | A loose guy]
🦅宮京介 Takamiya Kyousuke (CV: Sakai Koudai)

Birthday: 3rd June
Year: High School 3rd Year
Blood Type: AB
Height: 176cm
Hobby • Special Skill: Playing the Ocarina (a type of flute)
Beast: Hawk

A loose guy who’s always flirting with the girls. On the surface, he seems overfamiliar with people and half-hearted in everything he does but there’s a wall he put up somewhere with his motives hidden.

[Cool | Unsociable | Mom]
🐺五月女史 Saotome Shirou (CV: Jinya Haruka)

Birthday: 10 December
Year: High School 2nd Year
Blood Type: B
Height: 180cm
Hobby • Special Skill: Cooking (Housework in general)
Beast: Wolf

He’s a person with few words and he’s a cool lone wolf that keeps people away. He is Shishio and Chitose’s childhood friend and they used to be together a lot in the past but before he knew it, he was putting a distance between himself and them.

[Tsundere | Cheeky | Truant]
🐇九条佑 Kujou Yuuto (CV: KENN)

Birthday: 14th February
Year: High School 1st Year
Blood Type: A
Height: 165 cm
Hobby • Special Skill: Gaming, Skateboarding
Beast: Rabbit

A cheeky and twisted truant teenage boy. He’s Shishio’s younger brother but the sight of his brother disgusts him. He can’t control his curse properly so he hides his animal ears with a hairband.


MC and Futaba

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