23 Jul 2016

Plans for the next few weeks

In progress:

Nora Neko to Koi no Renkinjutsu Event Story Translations

You'd think I'd start with the main story right?
I'm only 1 chapter away to finishing up one of the characters, so I'll wait till I get all chapter before translating.
Since event stories are shorter, it's faster to translate as well.
Will put cgs

Yume100 Prince Story Translation

I'm also an admin for the Yume100 Facebook page and one of the admins is already translating the Event Stories with video so I'll just leave that to her.
I'll only translate the story of the character I like as well, unless I have nothing else to translate.No cgs for this one since there will be a cg gallery at the FB page soon and there are already hacked cgs in the wiki.

BF(Kari) card Story Translation

Only doing this for my favourite character too. Some cgs but you can access the cg gallery here.

Wanted to do others too but I don't think I'll have time for them.
Look forward to it OwO



Includes tutorial or a quick gameplay description, lots of personal commentaries and sometimes translation!!!!!
I mainly play Japanese Otome Games.
I don't take translation requests either since I'm not that confident in my Japanese since it's self taught.
Just going to translate things for fun~
I rather not translate drama CDs as they are hard to translate.
Might post some character song lyrics if I can get the scans + permission
This is just for fun so relax and read if you'd like~