24 Jun 2017

Amane Keito's Short Comic

Title: Fantasy Merry-go-round (Amane Keito's POV)

BF: Amane Keito

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Edit and Translations by: Me, ☆モコ☆


16 Jun 2017

BEAST Darling! Prologue Summary

I've always wanted to post a summary for this game but when I felt like doing it, I was already so far ahead into the game. The reason why I even manage to type this out is because I lost my previous account and I had to start over. I even played for almost a year on that account 😭. 26th May was their first anniversary and I started replaying again like on 25th May so I decided that I should type a summary as a play. There may be a few mistakes here and there since there were some important "kanji" that I can't read and I might read some "kanji" wrong. Hope You'll Enjoy!!! PS: 1 Paragraph is 1 Part


9 Jun 2017

Beast Darling Characters

I actually plan to post the prologue summary first but then, I decided that it's better to post about the characters first. The characters are below. The summary will be posted next week.

2 Jun 2017

[Shuukyoku no DOLLS ~Die Letzte Seele~] Website Translation

「終極のDolls ~Die Letzte Seele~」
『Shuukyoku no DOLLS ~Die Letzte Seele~
(The Ultimate DOLLS ~The Last Soul~)

Platform: Otome Drama CD
Illustrator: 結賀さとる [Other works: Psychedelica of the Black Butterfly (Otomate Game), Psychedelica of the Ash Falcon (Otomate Game), Laz Meridian (Manga)]